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PTFE porous tubing(Expanded PTFE tube)

PTFE porous tubing(Expanded PTFE tube) PTFE porous tubing(Expanded PTFE tube)
Product name:PTFE porous tubing(Expanded PTFE tube)

After years of efforts,we successfully developed ePTFE tube by introducing Japanese advanced technology.

ePTFE tube is made from PTFE dispersion resin through special processing craft, with white color, good elasticity and flexibility, It has very good air permeability because of its mesh structure formed by the micro fiber connection compared to the traditional PTFE tubes.Meanwhile it has high corrosion resistance,biocompatible,non-aging,non-toxic,implantable,chemical inert,as well as strong resistance to high and low temperature.

Standards: Medical grade or industrial grade

Application: medical devices, chemical water and gas filtration, automobile oxygen sensor for sealing.
Other application need pore duffusion of gas.

Specs: OEM specs are welcomed.


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